you are what you eat and you are what you think

If you look around you wherever you are, you will find so many people that are way overweight. And, if you observe carefully, you can see and hear that people are not so positive about themselves or others. Pause and think for a moment and reflect; think about people you know or in the things you see on the TV or the Internet… There are so many people selling exercise equipment, diet books, diet programs as well as personal development materials. This is evidence that people are not eating the right foods or thinking the right thoughts.
Reflecting to myself for a moment, many poor behavior or outcomes are related to what we eat and what we think. Think about this for a moment…people who are purchasing memberships at fitness centers or buying exercise equipment usually begin to eat better and healthier; on the other hand, those who are not eating healthy are usually not the people who purchase the exercise equipment or fitness membership. Therefore, I would submit to you that if you are getting into fitness or purchasing health related sports equipment (i.e. shoes, treadmills etc.), then you are beginning to eat properly.
Now, people who have low self-esteem, or do not think good of themselves are usually unhappy and attempt to pass their unhappiness to others by being unkind. Furthermore, they are probably talking trash about others and continually comparing their looks, their belongings, their achievements like a comparison stats sheets for athletes. They are constantly thinking thoughts that are counterproductive to becoming a better person physically as well as mentally. I will not discuss emotional health in this article although this is related to physical as well as mental health and is as important to living a simple rich life.